About Me

Hi and Welcome…

I am a forty something husband, father of two boys and three dogs. I grew up in South London, and now live in the lush green valleys of South Wales.

My first ever trip abroad was around the age of 4 or 5 in the 1970’s to Spain with my parents, probably booked through Thomas Cook and probably to Benidorm or one of the Costas.

When I was around ten years old my father had a job exporting lorries overland to Malta. I joined the convoy for one of the trips and I think that was when the seed was planted that gave me the travel bug. We drove through France, Switzerland and down Italy before crossing the Mediterranean over to the island of Malta. Eventually this led to my mother deciding to uproot the whole family and move out there, where we lived for 3 years before driving back in a 1970’s ex British Telecom Commer Van, another road trip that affected my wanderlust.

We settled back in South London and after school I enrolled into a college course in travel and tourism, before eventually getting my first job in travel in what was then called a “bucket shop” .

25+ years later and I still work in travel. I have worked for airlines, tour operators, travel agents and consolidators, and more recently moved into the technology side of the industry.

I have had my fair share of educational trips, freebies and bargain breaks, I have taken a few road trips, although I do enjoy the luxury of the five star and boutique hotels I am also not afraid to put down under canvas or even under the stars. ; My aim is to share my experiences, destination and travel industry knowledge.

During my working day I often read travel blogs and my Facebook likes are mostly travel and motorbike related. I am not going to give up my day job to travel the world and sell you a book, In fact I don’t class myself as a good writer, but hopefully I can give an Englishman’s take on the destinations I visit, and an industry insiders view on the hot topics in travel.

My dream holiday – Multi centre, hire of a vehicle (preferably 2 wheels) mixture of luxury and basic accommodation – seek the places the locals go – seek the places no-one goes

My nightmare holiday – A two-week all-inclusive hotel in a “Little Britain” destination with chips on the menu every night!!! Although I would still seek out those back street bars and eateries and hire some sort of vehicle and follow the coast to some hidden cove or beach, I will always seek out the positive in any destination.

If you have read so far thank you – please do enjoy my blog.