Ryanair agrees distribution through GDS

So in the week I decide to start a travel blog, good old Ryanair decide to go back to basics and distribute their fares through a GDS or CRS

What Is a GDS or CRS
A GDS (global distribution System) or CRS (computerised reservation system) is a platform that most scheduled airlines use to let travel agents book flight seats, often with pre negotiated fares on an account basis.

Ryanair used to participate in GDS distribution back in the days before the birth of the internet and before Mr O’Leary took the helm of the airline. In those days the airline ran at a loss competing with Aer Lingus and British Airways, back then you would get a paper ticket and the usual 2 piece baggage allowance. Mr o’Leary came to power and among many changes decided to change the distribution system of the airline. Most of the industry saw this as sign that the airline would collapse without the support of the trade, how wrong they were!!

Worldspan GDS

Worldspan GDS

So what?
Well this now gives thousands of travel agents up and down the country ease of access to Ryanair’s flights, until now many agents would not sell Ryanair, and in fact Ryanair’s policy was to not deal with agents at all, so anyone selling Ryanair were in fact not playing 100% by the rules. Most agents that offered Ryanair flights either booked using the company credit card or using the passengers card and explaining that two charges would appear on their card – one from Ryanair and another from them for the additional services booked (hotels,transfers,car hire, cruises etc).
Now thousands of agents have an extra tool on the toolbox, this can only be a benefit to the average consumer, with great fares and the help of a travel professional it can only mean more affordable holidays to the masses and less confusion for passengers of Ryanair.