The Gambia

In 1965, the same year of Gambian independence, 300 Swedish tourists decided to visit The Gambia. Within 11 years that number inclined to 25,000, all thanks to one man and his gang (Bertil Harding and operators Vingresor). Due to it’s close proximity to Europe and year round sunshine, it was seen as a perfect destination for Scandinavians escaping the harsh winter months. Tourism numbers steadily rose for the Gambians until quite recently, the Ebola crisis struck. Despite being declared Ebola free by both their own government and the UK, the tourism industry found itself on it’s knees in 2014 due to ignorance and a fear of West Africa.

Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, it is totally engulfed by Senegal bar an 80km stretch of Atlantic coastline. The capital city, Banjul, is found at the mouth of the River Gambie which pretty much draws the country’s borders. There’s so much to see in such a small area: an abundance of wildlife; unspoiled beaches and traditional African lifestyle. There’s even a family in the town of Jufureh who claim to be descendants of Kunta Kinte.

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So if you’re an open minded traveller (or even if you aint) go to The Gambia – you won’t get Ebola! (malaria is still a risk though so get your jabs).